Zhalla Chonsiga

Zhalla Chonsiga

Discord Contact: @Zhalla#7777

Escort Sexuality: Pansexual

Escort Role: Switch, Dominate Pref

Specialties: Specialties: Affection, Beast/Furry, Collars/Leashes, Erotic Dance, Exhibitionism, Corruption, Courtesan, Deepthroating, Degradation, Denial/Permission, Domination, Dub-con, Exhibitionism, Fast Replies, Fetish, Foreplay, Girlfriend, Group Play, Knifeplay, Massage, Mental/Mind Control, Non-con, Oral, Pain, Pet Play, Romance, Roughness, Sensation, Sensation/Sensory Play, Size Difference, Slave Play, Small/Soft Dom, Somnophilia, Surrealism, Taboo, Teasing/Edging, Tenderness, TLC

Kinklist: https://i.imgur.com/MBmtgyT.png
See More At:: https://zhallachonsigaafterdark.carrd.co/

This Thavnarian beauty comes on stage every night with a gentle smile on her lips, and a heel on your chest. This kitten is not afraid to take charge, easily able to bring you to the point of begging on your knees as she pushes you to your limits, and if you are lucky one of her pets can join the fun. If you would rather her be under you however, she is more than willing to let the stronger willed break her down and bring her to be the mewling kitten of your every wet dream, and more. Nothing ends a night better than a girl who can give you exactly what you deserve, you naughty thing you…

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