Dresdenia Spears

Dresdenia Spears

Discord Contact: @Dresdenia Spears#6747

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual

Escort Role: Dominant

Specialties: BDSM, Exhibitionism, Restrictive Play, Obedience, Sadism, Pain

Arising from the depths of a hellacious war and of great loss, a powerful Viera emerged. Countless battles and more purges then she could remember had hardened her heart but never her style. She is a firm and disciplinary figure, demanding perfection and punishing belligerence. Accepting only the verboten of pleasure and luxury, she set out in search of fresh canvases on which to release her work. The weak of heart need not tread here, but if you find yourself ready to be at the mercy of an amethyst beauty, search no further.

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