Oron aan Boros

Oron aan Boros

Discord Contact: @Tons-of-Turtles#2020

Escort Sexuality: Heterosexual

Escort Role: Dominant

Specialties: Aftercare, Bondage, Collars/Leashes, Cumplay, Daddy, Degradation, Denial/Permission, Exhibitionism, Hentai Physics, Impregnation, Long Term, Non-Con, Obedience, Oral, Primal Play, Roughness, Sensation, Watersports

Kinklist: https://i.imgur.com/rLsIQIF.png
Hailing from a tribe that evolved a natural body temperature just above freezing, this Xaela’s disability proves to be anything but as his shaking hands serve to please women from the scenic islands of La Noscea, to the wild Azim Steppe, to the posh halls of Kugane. Satisfy your hot needs with his cold… everything.

Masha C’helawae

Masha C’helawae

Discord Contact: @Flames5123#5123

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual (feminine preferred)

Escort Role: Domme (Switch with established relationships)

Specialties: Primal Play, Romance, Pet Play, Rough, Futanari, Aftercare, Group/Orgy Play

Kinklist: https://i.imgur.com/E7CSW1w.png
City girl at heart, this Miqo eye candy knows all of the leash laws and how to keep you entertained… Don’t let her cuteness fool you—she bites hard. Sweeter than beet sugar or spicier than blood peppers, this cute kitty can satisfy your tastes while she leaves her mark. You may hear her loud “Nyaa~♡” in your ear, but you will be the one crying out, in both pain and raw ecstasy. With her new found summoning spells, are you willing to be her next toy to test ride her new member, or will she just have to chase you, pin you down, and take you by force?

Naya’il Dracarys

Naya’il Dracarys

Discord Contact: @LilTigris#7777

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual with a male lean

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Primal Play and BDSM

Kinklist: https://i.imgur.com/aW8f8jK.png

Gracing you with her presence, this feisty, charismatic little Viera reigns from the deep jungles of Golmore. Banished from her homelands due to her curious nature and thirst for adventure, she’s traveled the lands as a nomad and entertainer of sorts, finding herself on the doorstep of the Lucky Sevens. With her arrogant attitude, she won’t let any man dominate her and might just end up stepping on you. Dare to tame this wild bunny? Or will you end up being prey like the rest?

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