Masha C’helawae

Masha C’helawae

Discord Contact: @Flames5123#5123

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual (feminine preferred)

Escort Role: Domme (Switch with established relationships)

Specialties: Primal Play, Romance, Pet Play, Rough, Futanari, Aftercare, Group/Orgy Play

City girl at heart, this Miqo eye candy knows all of the leash laws and how to keep you entertained… Don’t let her cuteness fool you—she bites hard. Sweeter than beet sugar or spicier than blood peppers, this cute kitty can satisfy your tastes while she leaves her mark. You may hear her loud “Nyaa~♡” in your ear, but you will be the one crying out, in both pain and raw ecstasy. With her new found summoning spells, are you willing to be her next toy to test ride her new member, or will she just have to chase you, pin you down, and take you by force?

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