Sigr Kveldulfr

Sigr Kveldulfr

Discord Contact: @Hitokage#9253

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual, slight male preference

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Non-con, pet play, beast/furry/anthro, roughness with a strong hand, combat, size difference, collars/leashes/gags, teaching

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At the Lucky Sevens, this big cat daddy is ever the flirt with a wicked gleam in his eye and a silver tongue between his fangs. Sigr will happily spend a night having a playful romp with a lucky lad or lass, but to the right someone he will prove that this Hrothgar can truly be a beast. He might seem like pure smoothness and charisma on the outside, but only those willing to dare will find out the dark depths of his most twisted desires. The question for you is simple: do you want the bite of a lion teaching you your place or to muzzle him before he would dare?

Snowthistle Ulfrun

Snowthistle Ulfrun

Discord Contact: @GreenFaery#8098

Escort Sexuality: Pansexual, all genders, all races.

Escort Role: Switch.

Specialties: Massage, Erotic Dance, Sensory Play, Teasing/Edging, Denial/Permission, Courtesan, Exhibitionism, and Feet

Looking for a warm night? There’s nothing cold about our resident snow bunny. Snowthistle studied all the tricks of the trade in the high-class escort service of Ul’Dah, but came here to have a more enlightening experience at the Sevens. Now she wants to share her devotion, and other things, with the high rollers. She is a woman looking to get to know her clients on an intimate level. Whether you’re looking for an erotic massage, a private dance, all the way up to a personal domination session that will leave you begging. Share with her your most secret desires, and she will leave it between you and the gods. Let this devotee of Menphina show you the many ways to worship the Lover in an unforgettable entwining of spirits and bodies.

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