Meet Our Members
Forgiven Frailty

“The Vengeful Angel, the Scourge of The First, The Sin Eater Forgiven Frailty. Her vile light, while beautiful, is nothing compared to the sounds this Angelic Abomination can pull from a harp string. When those pale fingers dance across the strings of a lute or the bow of a violent, you could almost forget she would be just as happy chewing on your sun bleached bones.”

Eir Corgan

“A quiet presence that at one point had no words to share, she quickly discovered the art of music could be her release. Learning every instrument she can get her hands on, she slowly began to be considered an expert in the trade. Wanting to share her emotions with all of Eorzea, she looks to enchant crowds upon crowds and share her story without speaking a single word.”

Aurora Heartilly

“An entrepreneur, yet a wandering soul, Aurora Heartilly travels to and fro, delivering wine for her self-owned vineyard. Often, she took side routes, and made strange friends along the way – one of which was an aspiring moogle bard in Gridania being set upon by monsters. After a few days of traveling alongside her for protection, the moogle had taught Aurora a thing or two on how to play Lute, and from then on, performing her instruments while out on delivery has turned into a great passion of hers. Now, she takes to the stage, to self-express, to entertain others, and to make her long lost moogle friend proud.”

Fume Vorin

“With skin the color of a moonlit clouds, eyes that shine like stars and scales as black as night Fume takes the stage, her beauty only being matched by temper when out of the spotlight. Performing to remind herself of a long gone home she finds solace, losing herself in the music on stage.”

Isabelle Frasier

“From the cold, snowy lands of Coerthas, or the hot sands of Ul’Dah? A noble heir to great fortunes, or a devotee to the Fury? Just like her songs, this Elezen will tell you a different backstory each time you ask her. She cannot offer you the truths you seek, but she’ll give you a damn good cum.”

Kaga Astorio

“. . at an almost odd obsession with the adoration of his bongo collection, Kaga Astorio is quite the fan of pumping up the kicks with his whole hand making the bongo his personal painting. Do enjoy all sorts of arts, but if you take away the bongo, he may just give a good attempt to backup the brass and give a devilish glare.”

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