Lucky 7s Ensemble
The Lucky 7s Ensemble

Lucky 7s Ensemble LogoThe band performs once a month at The Lucky 7s Casino and Gentleman’s Club. There are also special events that are added throughout the month upon request. The Musicians can also be requested to play at other locations. If you are interested in requesting the Musicians to play at an event, please see the Contact page.

All of our Musicians that participate in the band are active members in the community, and participate in our regular casino nights as full-fledged members.

We have multiple practices every month to make sure everything roles smoothly for each event.

Most of the MIDIs that we use for special events are made in-house by members of the Lucky 7s Musicians group. We post these midis on the BMP website, and some of them also make it to this website under the MIDI tab.

We can travel anywhere on the Primal Datacenter to perform for outside events as well.

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