The Wildcard

Welcome to Wildcard: Lucky Sevens After Dark, a place where all of your dreams can be made into reality, for the right price. The glory of our goddesses and gods lay spread before your eyes, all on offer for you to choose like ripe fruits in the garden of Eden, all in the stunning confines of one of the most beautiful mansions that Eorzea has to offer. Who will you reach out to and draw to the mortal plane with your offered hand here?

The Wildcard Front Lawn

The Wildcard Front Lawn, where the fine folks of Eorzea and beyond will be greeted with music and laughter.


The Wildcard Entrance

The entry way into the Wildcard! Be welcomed into the Wildcard by one of our lovely greeters. Learn about the incredible nature of this unique venue and what wonders await inside.


The Pools

The sound of water filters out other’s conversations and leaves you alone to chat with your god or goddess here at the pools of the wildcard. Dangle your feet into the water or recline in the nude, but do enjoy your very wet stay.


The Main Balcony

With one of the best views in the Wildcard, the Main Balcony allows you to listen to music, gaze down to the pools below, or watch either of the two side stages where dancers will show you… everything.


The Hanging Garden

A quieter room, the Hanging Garden lets the music of our live bard drift in from nearby, but is otherwise cut off from the rest of the world, allowing the comfort of casual yet intimate conversation.


The Rear Balcony

Our second most incredible view within the Wildcard, the Rear Balcony also lets you gaze over the stars above at night and relax in the sun during the day while chatting with fellow patrons and our beautiful gods and goddesses. Also, please refrain from discussing about the pot.


The Elephant Room

Our most opulent room of the Wildcard is, without a doubt, the Elephant Room. A place to lounge and relax in two feather beds while the trickle of the elephant fountains and the touch of soft fingertips eases you into levels of comfort and sensuality before unknown, this room is considered one of our finest.
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