Special Events

We are the most active roleplay company on Primal and members get front row seats to our insanity, either running the event or participating. In addition to our four-times weekly roleplay events, we also offer larger special events seasonally!
October 2022 – MOON
June 2022 – The 2st Annual Rainbow Road PRIDE Festival
April 2022 – Anniversary Celebration: 4-Ever The Biggest Jackpot!
December 2021 – A Casino Starlight Carol
November 2021 – A Casino Thanksgiving
November 2021 – Lucky Sevens Extra Life
October 2021 – Seven Suspects
June 2021 – The 1st Annual Rainbow Road PRIDE Festival
April 2021 – Anniversary Celebration: Wildcard: Lucky Sevens After Dark!
April 2021 – The Flat Eorzean Society
November 2020 – Eorzean EVII
June 2020 – Lucky Sevens PRIDE Night
April 2020 – The Lucky Sevens Anniversary Spectacular
October 2019 – Casinovania
August 2019 – Lucky Sevens Auction Week
April 2019 – Up All Year to Get Lucky!
November 2018 – The Casino Before Starlight
October 2018 – The 7s Deadly Sins Fashion Show (Two FC Collaborative Fashion Show)
September 2018 – Raiders of the Lost Slot Machine (Five FC Collaborative Scavenger Hunt)
June 2018 The Lucky Sevens Double Bunny Picture Showcase (Gay Pride)
May 2018 – Big Balmung in Little Hyperion (World RP Weekend!)
April 2018 – Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentleman’s Club Grand Opening!

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