Private Parties

Rei Host welcomes you to your private party here at the Lucky Sevens Casino!
Players whom wish to schedule a private Lucky Sevens party should be directed to message Rei Host#7777 on Discord to discuss pricing and packages. Events can take place during a regularly scheduled event for a lower price or during an irregular night, with increased pricing and enough advanced notice to schedule Dealers to participate. Options for private parties include:

  • Public or invite-only affairs
  • Open Bar for the guest list
  • Casino games for gil or prizes
  • Body shots for the honored or off the Dealers
  • Personal Escorts
  • Stripping
  • Bardic Music Performances, chosen orchestration list and customized event soundtrack
  • Usage of the Casino floor or any of our properties
  • Custom poster
  • Cum
  • Special requests

Pricing will vary based on event type, night of the week, location, guest list size and if the event is public or private. A planning channel will be created in advance to discuss whom wishes to participate. Payment for services follows the standard FC model of 10% to the company, with the remainder split evenly among all that work the event. The Lucky Sevens artist whom creates the poster will receive a paycheck, as though working the event even if they do not attend. Should the artist wish to work the event, they will not receive two shares of distribution.

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