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“Try your luck with our occasionally sentient slot machine.”
Our starting bet on the machine ranges from 10k to 5 million gil! If you win and want to re-roll your winnings, the betting cap goes up to 25 million gil. All you need to do is pull the lever and type


in the chatbox to roll!

  • 1-300 = no return
  • 301-499 = return
  • 500-600 = 2x payout
  • 601-776 = 2.5x payout
  • 777 = 3x payout
  • 778-0 = no return

Stellar 13
Welcome to our version of black jack! However, instead of going up to 21, the object here is to get to use the Astrologian card values to reach 13 without going over and with a greater value than the dealer.
Our rules are simple:

  • Starting bet can be between 25k and 5 million gil.
  • The House wins on a draw (push).
  • The Dealer must “Hold” on 11.
  • The Player may choose to “Draw” a card adding to their value or to “Hold” and hold their value.
  • The Dealer uses AST Draw ability, announcing results.
  • The Balance card may be a 1 or a 7 and the value must be chosen at the time of its drawing and cannot be changed after.
  • Winners receive double their starting bet.
Card Value Card Value
Spire 2 Ewer 3
Bole 4 Arrow 5
Spear 6 Balance 1 or 7

Astro Roulette
This game couldn’t be more simple! Just place a bet amount between 10k and 1 Million gil, then guess one of the Astrologian cards: Arrow, Balance, Bole, Ewer, Spear, or Spire. The Dealer will “Draw” 1 card, and if your guess was right, your bet is doubled! It’s just that easy! Play with a whole group at once or go one on one with the Dealer; either way, the action never stops.


Dominion of Minions
“Do you want to be the very best– like only a select few that have already played this game and won ever was? Then step into Dominion of Minions and summon forth your prized pet to do battle against other guests or cheating house beasts!”

Players stepping into our Minions Arena will send one of the two Lucky Sevens attendants a


with the name of the minion they want to summon. (Minions List) Player Minions have 3 HP each and a type – poppet, monster, or critter. No gadget types will be allowed into play. Each type has an advantage and a disadvantage against another type – Poppet beats Monster, Monster beats Critter, and Critter beats Poppet. Once The Attendants know both Players’ minions, they will begin the match by announcing aloud the chosen minions and tell the Players to summon! Players will roleplay out their minion’s orders and attack in


and type


into chat. Lowest rolling player’s minion suffers 1-2 hp in damage, depending on weakness.


PvP Match Variant:

  • Two players maximum.
  • Starting bets range from 100K to 25 million with gil collected before the match.
  • Both players must agree on the starting bet before trading it to the Lucky Seven Attendant.
  • Winner receives 1.5x their starting bet as payout!

PvE Match Variant:

  • One player maximum plus the Lucky Sevens attendant.
  • Starting bets range from 100K to 5 million with gil collected before the match.
  • Lucky Sevens’ Minions have 4 HP each.
  • The House always summons the correct minion type to beat the player’s.
  • Winning players receive 2x their bet as payout!


5 Dice Stud
Join us for the Lucky Sevens’ newest game – 5 Dice Stud! This quick game relies on the odds and luck of poker with a Lucky Sevens twist!

The player begins by

/random 6

five times in order to draw a hand. The player can now reroll up once as many of their dice as they like, stating out loud first what they want to reroll. (example: A rolled hand of 1, 1, 4, 5, 6. “I wish to reroll the 4, 5, and 6.) After their reroll, the player’s hand is set! The House will then do the same, drawing a hand of five, then choosing if they wish to reroll. However, the House gets an advantage in an second reroll! After any possible rerolls, both hands are compared with 1s = Aces and the strongest, then descending 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 being the weakest.
Hands, strongest to weakest:

  • Five of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House (three of a kind with a pair)
  • Straight (1-5 or 2-6)
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two pairs
  • One pair
  • High Card

Winners get 2x their initial bet, and players can bet between 50-500k!


High House Heist
Welcome to High House Heist, Lucky Sevens’ Newest PvP Game!

The players will be facing off against one another in this mind game out of Ishgard! Both must agree upon a bet amount between 50k and 500k gil before the match begins, then both will


the Dealer one of three Ishgardian High Houses – Haillenarte [scissors], Durendaire [paper], or Dzemael [rock] and the Dealer will trade them a corresponding confetti!

Once the Dealer announced they have traded both sides, the Dealer will count to three. Then both high rollers will pop their confetti. Winner is determined by the hierarchy above, or by the traditional rules of rock/paper/scissors based on the object the house represents!


Dice Drop
How to Play
VS Another player:
After the bet is taken, challenger types


999. The opponent will then conduct a


XXX, using the challenger’s result. Repeated until someone hits 1.
VS The House:
Challenger rolls first.


999. Second roll uses the result from the first roll. If you roll a 777 on the first roll, your second roll would be


777. Challenger rolls twice, the House then rolls once. Repeated until the House or the Player hit 1.
Betting Limits:
You VS The House: 50k-500k
You VS Another Player: 100k-2.5mil
You VS The House: 2x Starting Bet
You VS Another Player: Your bet is returned, and you keep half of the loser’s gil.
Please note, players must agree upon a bet amount and both will pay in that amount to the Game Master.



Servers and Dancing
Not everyone wishes to spend their time with the highs and lows of the games, so with a drink in hand, why not enjoy the wiles and wits of the Lucky Sevens servers and dancers? Happy to bring you a drink anywhere in the casino or spend their time snuggled up to your side, our servers are quick to be there whenever needed! Our dancers, be they up on stage or perhaps one in the same as our servers, are sure to put on quite the show.

For a small fee of 5k per 5 minutes, be the center of any of our servers’ worlds as they put on a show just for you or your group. Be sure to tip well if they really do well to please, of course.


Bar and Lounge
The Lucky Sevens Casino bar and lounge is certainly where a lot of the life of the casino can be found! Our bartenders have an ever changing series of specials to make sure that every visit to the casino means something new and exciting will be at handle, but they also know how to craft an incredible amount of old and new favorites of near and far that mean no matter what you’d like to wet your whistle with that night, it’ll be on hand and ready to help you enjoy your night! It is both their specialty, and their pleasure, to recommend something out of this world or just craft up an out of this world martini just for you.
No matter what you wish, all of our drinks here at the Lucky Sevens are just 1000 gil, but tips are always appreciated.


Ah, music to tame the savage beast! Maybe in this case, to lure said savage beast in to the lair of sin and debauchery… we welcome you to pull up a chair or a cushion and enjoy the lively music of our nightly live bards! While our nights are rarely without one in session, sometimes we even have special nights with two, three, or even as many as four holding concert on our stage, showcasing a wide array of musical styles and tastes.
So as you enjoy a drink from the bar, relax with a lovely member of the Sevens on your knee and the wonderful sounds of our nightly Musicians in your ears!
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