Casino Private Chambers

The Lucky Sevens Casino has several fabulous private chambers available on a rotation to keep the casino exciting and ever changing! Each time you come in, make sure to listen carefully to the greeter to find out which of these special locations is available for you to enjoy tonight!

Blue Moon Sushi Bar
Welcome to the Blue Moon Sushi Bar! Grab some sake and enjoy eating your sushi dinner off of one of our lovely bunnies! Set up for something both enticing and romantic, this is a place where you can come and relax, gaze over the eye-candy both decorative and delicious, and get a taste of Kugane right here in the Lucky Sevens!

A picture of a gilded and shining strip club with a soaring elephant at the center of the main stage which is flanked by black leather couches.


The Void Strip Club
The curve of the hip, the flash of a smile, the wink of an eye – all the gleaming additions to this picture of golden elegance that is the Void, the Lucky Sevens strip club. The lovely Bunnies and Studs that come in to not only dance on stage but offer far more exotic dances behind the hidden curtains are the crowning jewels of this private chamber. They are happy to offer you as wide of an array of drinks as our bar downstairs, but unlike the servers on the Casino floor, things often can get a little more erotic and a little less clothed here behind closed doors…

A picture of a gilded and shining strip club with a soaring elephant at the center of the main stage which is flanked by black leather couches.


The Bath Houses
Often called the Goddess’ Sanctuary, come in and relax in the warm waters of four massive bath tubs while entranced by the fluttering wonder of pink and purple lights all around you. Inspired by the mystical joys of Il Mheg and the heart of Mephina’s chambers, the hands our attendants are sure to relieve any stress you’re carrying in your body and mind as you sip a drink and lean back to relax the night away.

Looking down the center aisle between four large oriental bath tubs, two to either side. The bath house is lit in pinks and purples.


This traditional bath house is the original design of the Casino. Set in beautiful Ul’dahn marble and carved spruce wood from Ishgard, this dual bath space feels warm and comforting and offers the perfect place for you to relax with a glass of whiskey or tea in hand as one of attendants work their magic along your shoulders and temples, work their fingers through your hair, and murmur sweetly into your ear long into the night.

A dark marble and wood bath house, with two bath tubs set to either side of the room and large windows set into the walls.


Sinful Studios – Photography Studio
On rare and wonderful Casino nights, the divine and beautiful Forgiven Frailty will open wide the doors to Sinful Studios, the Lucky Sevens very own photography studio! With a full set of lighting and backgrounds ready for use, she can work with you not only to capture your best side, but help you discover the true beauty or devilry that lies within. Come in and let this mistress of the camera create a masterpiece with you as the star!
Private sessions are offered upon Forgiven Frailty’s availability. She can be contacted on Discord @Forgiven Frailty#7777.

Looking in at the white backgrounds of a photography studio, well lit with lighting devices.


The Bubbling Cauldron
Upon entering The Bubbling Cauldron, the noise of the Casino fades away and leaves behind the sounds of liquids boiling away over a crackling fire, the pop-hiss! of a match being struck, the soft slap of tarot cards being shuffled. The scents of ages and smoke fills the air of this room, bringing a dizziness to the head that tells tales of what lies within. The Casino’s Dispensary offers any number of delights to expand the body and mind, from the tame to the wildest in the realm, but also offers ways to expand one’s very own soul with readings of auras, palms, and tarot cards. Come and see what lies in your future…

The Bubbling Cauldron clearly has a mystical theme with a large, flaming Ifrit head on wall, a huge cauldron of mysterious red liquid bubbling nearby, large couches on the floor, and shelves set up for customers to purchase items.

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