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Lucky Sevens Application

  • *List any references, nights attended, friends in the company, etc.*

  • *Link any screenshots that show your current FC was alerted you are leaving or, if not in a company, advise the list of any previous FCs / FCs to which you've applied.*

  • *Confirm acceptance that you are over the age of 18 and advise if you are a normal, erotic, or flexible RPer.*

  • Name:
    Sexual Role: (Dom / Sub / Switch--Optional)

  • MALE
    Chest: Best Man's Jacket in VOID blue, add company CREST
    Legs: Best Man's Slacks, no dye
    Feet: Best Man's Gaiters, no dye

    Head: Bunny Chief Crown in VOID blue
    Chest: Bunny Chief Bustier in VOID blue, add company CREST
    Hands: Witches Gloves in VOID blue (Mogstation)
    Legs: Thavnairian Tights in VOID blue
    Feet: Thavnairian Sandals, no dye

  • *If this is read and agreed to, please avow to be drama free.*

  • *If this is read and agreed to, confirm that should you be admitted you will follow the gil distribution system for monies earned during RP events schedule a time for training after joining the company.*

  • *If this is read and agreed to, please provide a screenshot of your lodestone character list. This list is only visible to Lucky Sevens leadership and will not be revealed to anyone in the FC or out.*
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