Delquina Deruvia

Delquina Deruvia

Discord Contact: @Voicefox#5960

Escort Sexuality: Bi-Lesbian

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Affection, BDSM, Bondage, Discipline, Erotic Dance, Exhibitionism, Girlfriend, Oral, Romance, Rope Play, Teaching, Tenderness

A stunning young woman hailing from the far east, this exuberant raen is always eager to please- whether she leads or follows in the dance. Well read and attentive, she makes a point of learning as much as she can about each of her new interests be they academic or a person she means to spoil! Her dexterous fingers are those of a healer (both magical and not), so you can be certain she knows any number of tricks to drive you wild with desire, and the sparkling glimmer of delight in her big green eyes makes clear she fully means to!

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