Blissphoria Mirage

Blissphoria Mirage

Discord Contact: @Blissphoria#7938

Escort Sexuality: Pansexual

Escort Role: Submissive

Specialties: Affection, Corruption, Group Play, Masochist, Non-Con, Obedience, Tenderness


This summoned manifestation of desire was created to fulfill a mortal’s darkest fantasies–so of course she was drawn to the beacon of debauchery that is the Lucky Sevens! Freely release your inhibitions and follow your every urge, this doll-like beauty would love nothing more than to be used and abused by you all night long… But don’t let those bright eyes fool you! Her adorable appearance belies an unquenchable lust for both aether and the people whose pleasure she draws it from. Let this miniature primal give you the night you never dared dream–and try not to end up under her thrall…

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