Lena Watson

Lena Watson

Discord Contact: @Runasth#4814

Escort Sexuality: Bisexual with a female lean

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Affection, Teasing, Romance

Kinklist: https://i.imgur.com/Uxxzne4.png

From an unknown region of Gridania comes an woman born with an unnatural beauty, a passionate heart and a near unquenchable thirst for pleasure and desire. This Hyur was once a shy and innocent girl, but meeting the Lucky Sevens has changed her life and awaken an previously hidden talent for the intimate action behind closed doors. This, coupled with the rare color of her hair, has caused several others to fall for her. She can either bent you to her will, or serve as your obedient pet for the night. The choice is yours, so long as you have the gil for it. Whatever you choose, however, Lena will give you a time to forever remember.

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