Anniastae Lameth

Anniastae Lameth

Discord Contact: @Tazrael#2928

Escort Sexuality: Pansexual

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Hentai Physics, Kink Friendly, Group Play, “Weird” Kinks, Growth, Transformation, Futa, Cumplay, Watersports, Surrealism, Mind Control, Tentacles, Oral, Informal/Casual, Science


A Miqo’te adventurer who enjoys things hard and rough as well as casual and easy, both in bed and out in the wilds. Her travels have also lead her to an odd collection of potions and Allagan artifacts that she’s found more appropriate to the brothel than the battlefield. There probably is a market for growth, transformation, and other ‘weird’ kinks, but the Sapphire Avenue Exchange is probably not it.

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