Nelliel Konelle

Nelliel Konelle

Discord Contact: @Nelliel#7777

Escort Sexuality: Omnisexual

Escort Role: Switch

Specialties: Tentacles, Monsters


No longer repressed, this farm girl has come all the way from the Azim Steppe baring the fruits of her labors. Out from under the foot of her overbearing father and all too proper step-mother, she’s ready to harvest EVERYTHING our continent has offer. While there’s virtually no fetish she’s unwilling to explore, if tentacles happen to be your favorite forbidden fruit, you’ll find Nelliel has a secret, magic garden ready for exactly that. Rumor around Lucky Sevens has it she’s raised a room filled with specially grown Morbols ready to plant the seed of an unforgettable experience, if you’re ready to take root!

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